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The Creative Community Needs An Independent Copyright Office – Tell Congress to Pass S. 1010

We NEED you to support S. 1010, the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act, by sending a letter to your Senators. The Senate will vote soon, and we need YOUR voice to get it passed. 

S. 1010 is a modest but important bill. It makes the Register of Copyrights – who leads the Copyright Office – a presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed position. 

Why does this matter? Because the creative communities deserve a modern and independent Copyright Office. It has taken four years to get us to this point. Now is the time to make this the law of the land. 

The Register oversees a copyright system responsible for over $1.2 TRILLION in economic activity and 5.5 MILLION American jobs. 

Yet the Register is chosen by one individual (the Librarian of Congress) without any input from our elected officials. This is unheard of for a job this important. Cabinet secretaries, deputy secretaries, and assistant secretaries are presidentially-appointed. Over 1,000 positions are – from the head of the Patent and Trademark Office to the head of the Fish and Wildlife Service. 

But the Register of Copyrights is not. Why? 

This important change will ensure that the Office has the stature and independence needed to advance American creativity and the creative economy. 

By sending this letter, you will show the Senate how important this bill is to the 5.5 million hardworking Americans who rely on the creative industries for their livelihoods. 

Reach out to your Senators. Have YOUR voice heard. PASS S. 1010 NOW! #StandCreative

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